Monday, 31 December 2012

Mahuva Shia's on Hunger and water strike from 25th Dec 2012, 3:30PM against years long illegal control of Masjid and ImamBargahah by a corrupt Shia leaderSajjad Ali Haider Ali Rajani (Wala).
Strike in its 6th Day and 11 people Hospitalized so far.

After 65 years of Independence - A community still under dictatorship rule in a city like MAHUVA, Dist - Bhavnagar , Gujarat .
Present Situation:

26 youths including students are under complete hunger and water strike from last 120 hours that is from 25th Dec 2012, 3:30PM. 11 of them are hospitalized using the state emergency service and 15 are still on strike.

Their demand is to free the Community Places from Corrupt illegal Leader.
Trust Name: Khoja Shia Isna Ashari Madresa Party Jamat– Mahuva, Trust reg. no. 125 ( Bhavnagar )
The trust is controlled as dictatorship by a person named Sajjad Haiderali Rajani, who is illegally ruling the Masjid and community halls under this trust.

Focus of the event ..
i. In Mahuva City, there is a mosque, which should have a president selected by its own people by law but the Mosque is controlled by a group of corrupt people who disrupt election and does not allow the people to choose their own leaders of the mosque.
ii. People of the community are against these few handful people who by force are ruling the community since many years and the common masses are been harassed and forced to do things which they are not happy or agree with.
iii. The last election was held more than 5 years ago by Waqf Board, and people selected Mr Gulamabbas Sumrani as the President of the community, but he was forcefully put out of office . Since then no election has taken place in this mosque

Reaction of Youths ..
iv. Growing as youths of the community and being persecuted to force by corrupt people the youths have taken the initiative to bring justice to its people. As lovers of Imam Husain(as) we have organized a Hunger Strike (With no food and Water), we intend at peaceful Protest and raise our voice in the most peaceful way.
v. We would like to clarify that this struggle is not just against an individual rather it's a system, where people should feel free to choose a leader who is worthwhile to lead us in the community not only by words but with actions but in this case there are not even words in fact the actions are on the negative side. Moreover as shias we aim to bring unity within our community by bringing people will to the fore.


Right to Select
As a fundamental right ,there should be free and fair election and people should be able to select their own community leaders without any force by any party. WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE.

Police should guarantee the safety and security of the president selected by the people.

People should be allowed to present their view and suggest their views openly without fear of threat of forceful people
WE NEED YOUR COMPLETE SUPPORT AND HELP!!! in this issue of human rights violation and violation of fundamental rights.
Least Step:
1.Share this news and important information with others and try and make it reach to nearest responsible Jamats and anjumans

2.ask the local police station/collector about this matter and please help them to coordinate the youngster (Gandhian).
Mahuva police station 0091 2844222537
Mahuva collecter office 0091 2844224100 (mobile) 0091 9825362052
You can also contact the below contact who is the current leader and does not care about the youths plight and their hunger strike for justice.
Sajjad bhai haiderali Rajani 0091 9429433030
Jamat Office No. 0091 2844-225110

Also contact and ask the senior people and other jamats of mahuva to take interest and help the youngsters (they are still keeping distance from this matter)
Mehndi bapu naqvi sadat jammat (yade hussain commiete ):- 0091 9824227585
Sajjad bhai kadak (x president) madresa party - 0091 9426177272
Aarif rajani illegal president :- 0091 9428625252
Mukhtar bhai Lakhgani (dargha party jammat) :-0091 9825230000
Altaf bhai Badami (Ksi jammat & shabaan trust) :- 0091 9426450732 0091 9879277472
Nurali bhai mukhi :- 0091 9824282501
Liyakat bhai Badami:- 0091 9925020732
gulubhai bhurani - 0091 9426207680

Thank you
Labbaik Ya Hussain AS